Photo of the week – Impala in Tarangire


Oh my. What a handsome boy!

This mighly male impala was spotted in splendid Tarangire National Park 

Our patient guide Elisa told us that impala’s have hair in the ears to break wind so they can hear better.  They have black socks on their feet that leaves a scent behind. This makes it easier for predators to find them but also keeps the herds together. Impala males stick together during non-rutting time but during rutting season, you will find one male impala with his harem of 15 + female impalas and the young. Male impalas will fight for their harem. 

Want to see  majestic impalas on your Journey To Africa Safari.

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Specialist Guides on Safari

Our Safari guides are fantastic! We feel incredibly lucky to have some of the best trained guides working with us.

Sometimes, some clients want something different. They want to dig a lot deeper as they crave more knowledge of the animals and the land. They want in-depth answers to the what, why, how, when, why not, what if, what now, what more. Specialist guides will have your in-depth knowledge soar.

What makes them specialist guides?

  • Guides that have been guiding for more than 20-25 + years.
  • They train other guides.
  • They are friends/mentors with other specialist guides.
  • They cater to clients who already know a lot about the land, its people and wildlife.
  • Guides who are in the news as they have done research or have been part of research teams or organizations.
  • They are into photography and have articles published or are mentioned in articles.
  • They care about conservation and are our public voice. They have access to a larger platform.

But above all, they want you to come and enjoy being on Safari. They will have you love our country as much as they do. Twende [let’s go] Safari. There are fantastic memories to be made.

Stunning capture of zebras fighting.

Stunning capture of zebras fighting.

Paul Kirui.
We were first introduced to him in 2005 when we were on Safari in Masai Mara. Our luck we crossed paths with him. Paul, who has a gold standard certification, has been a source of information. He was involved with BBC’s Big Cat production as well as Disney’s African Cats.  He has been on many top Safari guide list. A Safari with him would be equal to winning a lottery.

Paul Oliver.
You have head of him many times on our blog. He has been our mentor when we first started Journey To Africa. At that time he operated Oliver’s Camp in Tarangire. Today he divided time between Tanzania and Australia. His passion for guiding is unwavering. He is an avid birder. He and his trusty land-rover can take you from Northern to Southern Tanzania. Get ready for a witty time.

Paul Oliver birding in Southern Tanzania's Katavi National Park

Birding in Southern Tanzania’s Katavi National Park. Taken by our friend Paul Oliver.

Jo Anderson and Mark Baker. 
Jo and his business partner Marc, started an organization in Tanzania called Carbon Tanzania. They have teamed up with local community and together with lodges and Safari companies, off-seat your carbon footprints.  They are deeply involved in conservation and going on a Safari with them will want you doing more for Mother Earth.

Why so many elephants in Ngorongoro? Poaching in other regions have them taking refuge here.

On his May Safari, Jo counted 350 + elephants in Ngorongoro? Not normal. Poaching in other regions have them taking refuge here.



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Make memories on your Journey To Africa Safari.

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Our Guides

One of the biggest reason we have many repeat clients and clients sending referrals is our guides. Our guides will always make your Safari special. They will help you fall in love with Tanzania and Kenya and get you hooked on being on Safari.

We had a fantastic time. It all started with Ayoub. He was a fantastic guide. He was very articulate and spoke multiple languages. Kate Bartell had told me to request him. We got him by accident. He made the days truly memorable and outstanding. I made him an honorary Texan. If I ever do this again, I want him, and I would highly recommend him to your future clients.”
Carlos Mata – July 2011 and June 2013

Carlos went on Safari both times with Ayoub. He has made a friend in Ayoub for life.

Carlos and John with Ayoub

Carlos M. and John L. with guide Ayoub on their second Journey To Africa Safari

Our guide, Luke, in Kenya was very good.  Our guide, Elissa was outstanding.  We enjoyed the company of both men and they made us very comfortable during our safari excursions.  Elissa was always on time and always explained things to us in detail.  We also felt very safe with him.  He also has a great sense of humor.”
– Gayle Thomas – July 2013

Gayle is mother to Alisa Thomas who has been on 5 Safari with Journey To Africa. She and her mother had a mother + daughter Safari to Southern Africa in 2008 and went back to Tanzania + Kenya in July 2013. 

lunch in Ngorongoro Crater

Maria J. with guide Jackson having lunch at Ngorongoro Crater picnic site.

Our guides have to work hard to keep working as guides. During off-season, they have to go through intense training not only in wildlife and plant knowledge but human phycology, astronomy, vehicle maintenance, first-aid, and much more. Trained by renowned guides like Lewis Mangaba, head guide at our favorite Oliver’s Camp, who recently won the Wanderlust Magazine best guide award to fantastic teachers like Richard Knocker, Ethan Kinsey and our friend Paul Oliver.


Receiving their training certificate from Lewis Mangaba [in shorts]

Asante Sana [thank you] to all the hard-working guys on Safari.

Life worth Exploring! Capture memories on your Journey To Africa Safari.

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Our guides, Our pride.

That is so true. When you and I talk about planning your Safari, we talk about all the details from number of days you can spend enjoying the beautiful national parks, what lovely lodges to stay in depending on the time of year you are on Safari, etc. All fun stuff and really enjoyable as this is what you are going to imagine until you actually get on Safari and once you are there, you will be blown away [or at least that is what we hope] with how it actually is much better than you imagined.

But what really makes the Safari when on the ground – our guides!! We also talk about the guides before you go of course. You will have probably talked to our past references or read about our wonderful guides somewhere. Our guides have been guiding for over 10 + years and go through regular training by professional guides like Paul Oliver and Ethan Kinsey.

[Kate with our guide Ayoub in Tarangire National Park enjoying a picnic lunch]

Now that you are on the ground on Safari with our Journey To Africa guides you will get to experience their …
– in-depth knowledge and passion for wildlife – besides the big five [lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant], there are so many creatures big and small that will intrigue you and our guides will be there to give you all the details.
– birding skills – take your binoculars. We have beautiful birds to view.
– flora knowledge – depending on the time of your Safari, you will get to see different wildflowers.
– love for country and people.
– history of the land.
– food – they will have their favorites from their region
– movies and music – Hollywood has a far reach and ask them to introduce you to Swahili music.
…. and much much more.

Trust them and they will become your friends during your Safari.

[Our guide Fadhili with clients Feldman and McLean at Olakira Camp in Southern Serengeti.]

Come spend time with our guides on a Journey To Africa Safari. Karibu!


Life worth Exploring. ™
Make memories on your Journey To Africa Safari.

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