Our Guides

One of the biggest reason we have many repeat clients and clients sending referrals is our guides. Our guides will always make your Safari special. They will help you fall in love with Tanzania and Kenya and get you hooked on being on Safari.

We had a fantastic time. It all started with Ayoub. He was a fantastic guide. He was very articulate and spoke multiple languages. Kate Bartell had told me to request him. We got him by accident. He made the days truly memorable and outstanding. I made him an honorary Texan. If I ever do this again, I want him, and I would highly recommend him to your future clients.”
Carlos Mata – July 2011 and June 2013

Carlos went on Safari both times with Ayoub. He has made a friend in Ayoub for life.

Carlos and John with Ayoub

Carlos M. and John L. with guide Ayoub on their second Journey To Africa Safari

Our guide, Luke, in Kenya was very good.  Our guide, Elissa was outstanding.  We enjoyed the company of both men and they made us very comfortable during our safari excursions.  Elissa was always on time and always explained things to us in detail.  We also felt very safe with him.  He also has a great sense of humor.”
– Gayle Thomas – July 2013

Gayle is mother to Alisa Thomas who has been on 5 Safari with Journey To Africa. She and her mother had a mother + daughter Safari to Southern Africa in 2008 and went back to Tanzania + Kenya in July 2013. 

lunch in Ngorongoro Crater

Maria J. with guide Jackson having lunch at Ngorongoro Crater picnic site.

Our guides have to work hard to keep working as guides. During off-season, they have to go through intense training not only in wildlife and plant knowledge but human phycology, astronomy, vehicle maintenance, first-aid, and much more. Trained by renowned guides like Lewis Mangaba, head guide at our favorite Oliver’s Camp, who recently won the Wanderlust Magazine best guide award to fantastic teachers like Richard Knocker, Ethan Kinsey and our friend Paul Oliver.


Receiving their training certificate from Lewis Mangaba [in shorts]

Asante Sana [thank you] to all the hard-working guys on Safari.

Life worth Exploring! Capture memories on your Journey To Africa Safari.

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