Our guides, Our pride.

That is so true. When you and I talk about planning your Safari, we talk about all the details from number of days you can spend enjoying the beautiful national parks, what lovely lodges to stay in depending on the time of year you are on Safari, etc. All fun stuff and really enjoyable as this is what you are going to imagine until you actually get on Safari and once you are there, you will be blown away [or at least that is what we hope] with how it actually is much better than you imagined.

But what really makes the Safari when on the ground – our guides!! We also talk about the guides before you go of course. You will have probably talked to our past references or read about our wonderful guides somewhere. Our guides have been guiding for over 10 + years and go through regular training by professional guides like Paul Oliver and Ethan Kinsey.

[Kate with our guide Ayoub in Tarangire National Park enjoying a picnic lunch]

Now that you are on the ground on Safari with our Journey To Africa guides you will get to experience their …
– in-depth knowledge and passion for wildlife – besides the big five [lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant], there are so many creatures big and small that will intrigue you and our guides will be there to give you all the details.
– birding skills – take your binoculars. We have beautiful birds to view.
– flora knowledge – depending on the time of your Safari, you will get to see different wildflowers.
– love for country and people.
– history of the land.
– food – they will have their favorites from their region
– movies and music – Hollywood has a far reach and ask them to introduce you to Swahili music.
…. and much much more.

Trust them and they will become your friends during your Safari.

[Our guide Fadhili with clients Feldman and McLean at Olakira Camp in Southern Serengeti.]

Come spend time with our guides on a Journey To Africa Safari. Karibu!


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Make memories on your Journey To Africa Safari.

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