First time on Safari

Floyd Campbell - 2006 Safari First time on Safari //
We are so excited for you. Get ready to awaken your senses.

From the range of wildlife, big and small, to the vast differing terrain and landscape, the colors, sunrise and sunsets, the smell of the land and animals, to the different people you will meet on your way. Happiness is being on Safari.

Let us get started with planning your Journey To Africa Safari //

What month is most convenient for a Safari? Or do you have dates you can be on Safari?
The best time to go on Safari is … well year round. The animals are always there. We move you from area to area in Serengeti depending on what month you can go. For the rest of the parks in Tanzania, there is always an adventure waiting to happen.

How many days can you spend on Safari?
If you can carve out a minimum of 6-7 nights up to 2-3+ weeks, you will be well rewards. “Haraka haraka haina baraka” – a Swahili saying which translates as hurry hurry has no blessing.

Who is going to join you on Safari?
Are you a family with children? Is this a honeymoon Safari? Are you a group of friends? Are you a couple seeking an adventure? Grandparents taking your children and grandchildren? Going solo. We have planned a Safari for all.

Do you have a preference on which lodges + camps you want to enjoy?
You may have heard of a lodge + camp that you want to experience or you prefer only exclusive lodges + camp or you like only tented lodges + camp, etc.  Let us know.

How much value can we put on memories? The dreaded budget question.
Option A // Giving us your range.
This will give us some guidelines on what lodges + camps to suggest.

Option B // We suggest, you give us your honest thoughts.
Some clients want us to recommend our preferred lodges + camps and then we talk. If that is within range, great. If not, we go back to the drawing board and recommend alternatives. We have a range of lodges + camps we can suggest.

To give you an idea, our Safaris normally start around $500 per person for 2 – 4 people in a group. Our Safaris are usually all-inclusive. We take care of you from arrival at Nairobi or Kilimanjaro International Airport to departure.

Any activities that you would like to add besides wildlife viewing on Safari?
Besides seeing wildlife, there are some activities that may interest you.
Off-the-beaten path Maasai village visit/ berry picking or hunting with the Hadzabe tribe members / Couple hours of walking from camps like Oliver’s Camp or Sayari Camp / 2-3 days of Walking  Safari in Private Serengeti or Loliondo Area /Horse-riding around Lake Manyara or Western Kilimanjaro / Night game drives / Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb / relaxing on the white sanded beaches of the Indian Ocean.

We will go back and forth until we get a Safari itinerary that is just right for you and your Safari partners. 

We will then add dates to your Safari, check and book the lodges + camps, confirm your Safari with a 30% deposit, help you get International Airfares, recommend getting Travel Insurance, and send you information including our detailed Traveling Tips for you to get prepared for your Safari.

Life worth Exploring! Make memories on your Journey To Africa Safari.

Get in touch //
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