Cinnamon Tea or Coffee

Brrrr, it is cold here in Houston, Texas. 35 F as I write this. The Arctic winds have not spared us but boy, seeing pictures of you up there in the north all bundled up with the risk of frostbite, I should not complain.

What has been on rotation on my desk to warm me up? Cinnamon tea and coffee.

tea - cinammonI bought some cinnamon sticks on my Safari to Zanzibar Island. Cinnamon stick and ground cinnamon is everywhere to be found on the Spice Island. The fragrant sweet smell of cinnamon is lovely when walking the streets of Stone Town. Cinnamon is one of Zanzibar’s spice exports.

We got to see cinnamon trees on our guided spice tour. The tree we stopped to look at was not very tall and narrow. The guide said it was a young tree. The cinnamon sticks we buy is actually a bark cut out from the tree and then dried up under the hot sun of the tropics. When it dries up, it gives it the curled up look.

I incorporate cinnamon in my sweet and savory cooking for flavor and adding it to tea makes sense.

Cinnamon Tea.
At our house, we love this loose Ahmed Tea infused with cardamom.
Add a small piece of cinnamon stick.
For a nice kick, a pinch of red chilli flakes.

We use our french press to brew.
Then add milk and sugar if you like.

And tayari [done]. Dip a cookie and enjoy.

tea post - farhana

Coffee on the streets in Zanzibar with Halwa. My daughter enjoyed a sip.

Cinnamon Coffee.
Using the same french press, add coffee with a small piece of cinnamon stick and a tiny piece of ginger root.

These drinks should warm you up, a little at least, with this Arctic blast.

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Bush breakfast on Safari

One of the perks of being on Safari is having a bush breakfast. Ideally, you want to leave before the sun is up. Why? So you can be ready to admire the beautiful colors the sun sprays over the landscape.  A memorable start to any day on Safari. The early morning bird chirping committee will help wake you up.  Also, having coffee + tea and cookies delivered to your door by your crew for your wake-up call makes getting up an enjoyable treat.  An afternoon siesta will be well deserved.


Watching the sunrise in Northern Serengeti with the wildebeest. Splendid.

Not an early riser? 
No worries. Enjoy the sunrise from your room – that works great as well. Some days on Safari you just want to take it easy and maybe read a book watching the sunrise from the comfort of your room/tent.  Perfect plan. Afterall, you are on Safari. A good breakfast will await you in our dining area.

FotoFriday - BushBreakfast

The views, the sounds, the stillness, the bush breakfast. Life on Safari is delicious.

Back to the morning where you do want to enjoy a bush breakfast.

Your guide will set up your ‘food truck’ style breakfast in an open area.  Just sit back, enjoy your freshly baked bread with eggs, an array of fruits, sweet bread, a good strong cup of Tanzanian coffee or tea all the while listening to the sounds of the wildlife at a safe distance and the morning winds.  Ahhh, life on Safari is amazing. And it is just the morning.

Experiencing a bush breakfast should be on your list of must do things on Safari.

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