Experiences. They last forever.

Happy New Year. 

2015_experiences2014 was a year for Family Safari and new experiences for us at Journey To Africa.

We spent time exploring TarangireNgorongoro and Zanzibar Island with our children in Tanzania. Going with children on a Safari makes you go slower and appreciate the little things. We had a wonderful time together. I flew to amazing Serengeti and got to experience a Walking Safari in our private area with Richard – what a fantastic time.

We are thankful for our clients who came back from Safari and let us know that the physical and mental experience of being on Safari was something they could not have imagined.

We are thankful they trusted us for a great Safari experience. The introduction to unparalleled diverse wildlife, the varied and vast landscape, the warm people, the necessary and important conservation efforts, the fun bush breakfast , cultural interactions, and much more.

For all, a piece of their heart and soul remains on Safari.

2014 is ending and like always it seems time has gone by too fast.  Don’t wait to experience the magic of being on a Safari.

We look forward to making your Safari experiences come true in 2015 and beyond.

Here’s to a soaring 2015.

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