Happy Earth Day

EarthDayBeautiful Serengeti. Beautiful Sunset.

What can we do daily in our lives for Mother Earth.

Some things I was aware of today that I do that hopefully make a difference.  Driving consciously. I try to line up my errands so I am not wasting gas. Drinking out of my stainless steel water bottle. Turning off lights when leaving the room and switching off the AC on the second floor since the weather is perfect now in Houston. Putting this laptop to sleep mode when not using it. Planting a meyer lemon tree in our yard. Non-toxic cleaner like simple vinegar for cleaning the kitchen and Seventh Generation for laundry. Using an Amazon Kindle device for reading a book.

At Journey To Africa, we are happy to use lodges + camps and ground partners that support solar energy, participate actively in reforestation programs in many areas in Tanzania and supporting our friends at Carbon Tanzania, and in the forefront in conservation of our endangered wildlife via programs like Honeyguide Foundation.

Here is to more beautiful pictures from our beautiful Earth.

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