Meru House – Safari Diary 2014

When I was in Arusha, my friend Tati of Tanzania Women’s Maasai Art told me I must visit Meru House as an option for Journey To Africa clients spending a night or two in Arusha. Tati used to run Oliver’s Camp when it was a really rustic camp with my friend and professional guide Paul Oliver from 1990s to early 2000. She has good taste. The camps she has run [in Tanzania and Botswana] were well run, simple yet elegant and it continues in her work with Maasai bead jewelry.

Tati and I went to have lunch with Sandra Decussrow of Meru House. The minute I entered the gates, it felt so inviting. It is afterall a home converted into a cozy lodge. You have to drive through a coffee plantation to get to the boutique inn and once you enter, you are welcomed by the lovely garden.


The inviting living room


The outdoor area


Cozy bedrooms. This one is the loft room perfect for couples.



Bathroom details

When you enter the house, you can see the inviting living room with a fire-place on the left and the inside dining room that seats about 10 people family style on the right. The large beautiful door in the front leads you to the outdoor dining / coffee + tea area / resting spot in large couches overlooking the gardens and the lap pool.

Each room is well decorated with all the comforts of home. A lovely bathroom and a comfy bed in a pleasing palate. A family would really benefit from having two rooms close by with a connecting bathroom. The kids room still retains Sandra’s sons book collection. The views from the large windows are of the garden, the lap pool or the coffee plantation.


Delicious Tanzanian Coffee grown in their own plantations

The food! Delicious. I was there for lunch and we had a delicious butternut squash soup to warm us up on a cold day and a lovely garden salad. To finish off, coffee from their own Msumbi farm.


Me, Sandra and my friend Tati

Meru House is a great cozy place to overnight for a night or two on arrival into Tanzania before you head out on Safari or after a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb.

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