Elephantopia Going to Zambia.

When Elizabeth, the founder of Elephantopia, a wonderful non-profit organization came and asked us to put together a Safari to Zambia, we jumped.

m2DwY7mlvGTRN1GzyG7gml_VWCYkRopvQjiHn6Qo2GAWhat does Elephantopia do?
They #SaveElephants #BuildCommunity. They have built a great community world-wide that supports Kavala, an orphaned elephant located in Zambia. Their partner on the ground in Zambia is Game Rangers International.  Kavala started out at Lilayi Nursery in Lusaka and is now in Kafue National Park in their release facility. We want a safe life for Kavala outside of her current protected ‘home’.

Not only does Elephantopia support Kavala, they have also work hard at raising awareness of elephant plight around the world. And of course, the grave concerns of extinction with the current rate of elephant poaching. They are activity in informing the world that every day, about 100 elephants are murdered for their teeth, or called ivory. And the killing is for what? Trinkets, fancy carvings or chopsticks and more.

The message is simple – Stop the Buying and the Killing will Stop. 

Elizabeth and Elephantopia want to go visit Kavala and other orphans who benefit from the money raised for Game Rangers International. And then go on a Safari to appreciate the elephants in the wild, the way they should be!

This is their Safari //

May 19 // Arrive into Lusaka. Transfer to your hotel. Latitude 15.
May 20 // Lilayi Elephant Nursery Lusaka. Have lunch. To Kafue National Park. Mukambi Lodge.
May 21 // Kafue National Park. Mukambi Lodge.
May 22 // Kafue National Park. Mukambi Lodge.
May 23 // Flight from Lusaka to South Luangwa. Flatdogs Camps.
May 24 // South Luangwa. Flatdogs Camps.
May 25 // South Luangwa. Flatdogs Camps.
May 26 // South Luangwa. Flatdogs Camps.
May 27 // Flight from Luangwa to Lusaka arriving 2:00 pm. Transfer to your day-room. Relax. Transfer to airport for flight home.

9 – Day Elephantopia + Journey To Africa Safari :
$ 4,200 per person in a double room [2 people in a room]
$ 600 per person extra for a single room
By check + wire transfer
3.3% surcharge for mc + visa | 3.7% surcharge for amex
For May 2016

Here is the detailed Safari Itinerary via dropbox.

Join Elephantopia on their Safari and #SaveElephants #BuildCommunity.



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Call us at 1.877.558.6288 or 713.592.6228.

Together, we can plan your Safari to Tanzania for the memory books.