Olakira Camp and Dunia Camp

On my first night back in Serengeti, I will be overnighting in Olakira Camp, one of our favorite camps to recommend to clients and luckily, our clients agree.

Olakira Camp moves between two locations in vast Serengeti. From December to March, it is in the plains of Southern Serengeti where you have close access to the Wildebeest and Zebra migratory animals giving birth and grazing the short fertile grass in this volcanic region. From June to November, the camp moves to Northern Serengeti located conveniently close to the Mara River. The migratory animals cross this river to head back and forth between Northern Serengeti and Masai Mara in Kenya.

I will be in Northern Serengeti, an area that we love and keep coming back.

Great setting for a lounge. Chat stories of your day with other guest over a glass of wine or grab your book and enjoy the fire.

A great spot to enjoy our delicious local grown meal.

Dunia Camp is located near the beautiful Moru kopjes in Central Serengeti – big cats love to use the kopje to spot its next prey. This permanent camp is great year round. We use it regularly from March/April to June and when combining two camps. Advantages staying here is the proximity to Seronera River, there is always water to keep resident animals in this region. With impalas, gazelles around, the cats always have a sustenance to keep them around.

Also close by it the rhino sanctuary and chances of spotting an endangered black rhino are possible.

Dunia Camp lounge – get comfortable and go over your day. Tomorrow, is another adventure.

If you combine Olakira Camp and Dunia Camp or use just one camp, we can be sure you are going to enjoy a lovely comfortable room, great food and wine, stories with camp managers and guests.

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