Happy Earth Day!

A day to begin a year-long celebration of our fragile earth.


What are we doing here at Journey To Africa?

– Using Safari lodges that generate energy using solar power, recycle their waste  and offset their carbon footprints by supporting surrounding reforestation programs with organizations like Carbon Tanzania.  We also sponsor Carbon Tanzania who do great work in Tanzania. An example of their work is they not only plant trees but educating the locals about the benefits of preserving their land.

– Encouraging clients to offset their carbon emissions when flying to Africa. Airlines like KLM Royal Dutch Airline offer such programs or before the clients depart, we give them the option to do so with Carbon Tanzania.

– Our office is as ‘green’ as possible. We do not print brochures or Safari itineraries. All of the communication is done via email and the information is sent over via PDF files.

We can always do more!

– We are planning to join Throttle the Bottle [http://throttle-the-bottle.org/] program. No more plastic bottles on Safari. It is distressing to see wild animals play or worse get caught in plastic bottles. Plastic bags are even worse. Zanzibar Island is in the process of banning plastic bags which effect the marine life.

Small steps to creating a less stressed Earth.

Asante Sana.

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